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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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V&A Digital Design Weekend 2016

Now in its sixth year, the Digital Design Weekend brings together artists, designers, engineers, technologists and the public to celebrate and share contemporary digital art and design, engage in conversations, and learn about processes.

Designers and artists take over the Museum with interactive installations, digital projects, performances, talks, open workshops, labs and family-friendly activities taking place around the building, exploring engineering, making and collaboration.

The Digital Design Weekend coincides with the London Design Festival at the V&A and is part of the V&A Engineering Season.

Over the weekend we will be showcasing a huge programme of cutting edge, international projects, including: 

Pattern Recognition, a visually arresting performance involving a system of moving lights that can track and intelligently respond to the dancers it observes by Alexander Whitley Dance Company in collaboration with Memo Akten. Free, booking essential:

– Altered Beauty, a Virtual Futures Salon chat with Viktoria Modesta (Bionic Multimedia Artist) on modern identity, tech fashion and science innovation.

– SelfReflector, an internet connected mirror able to calculate your age and play music from when you were a teenager.

– A series of interactive installations – in partnership with Ars Electronica Linz and the Austrian Cultural Forum -by KairUs art collectiveStefan TiefengraberJochen ZeirzerYen Tzu Chang, Verena Mayrhofer and Dawid Liftinger.

– Bento Lab, a DNA analysis laboratory that can be taken anywhere.

– Silk Leaf by Exhibition Road Engineering Resident Julian Melchiorri, the first man-made biological leaf prototype which harnesses natural photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

– The GyroGlove, a life changer device that stabilizes hand tremors using beautifully simple gyroscope technology.

– How to Build a Water Filter: A DIY Tutorial From the Future, a home-made water filter by Vytautas Jankauskas that becomes a symbol of resistance in a future, where limited access to a vital resource becomes part of our identity.

– a selection of projects from Wheatstone Innovation Lab at King’s College London, including internet-connected enamelled automata, hyperuniform- patterned glass and digitally-embroidered muscle sensors.

–  Current Table by Caventou, an intelligent living object that uses the property of colour to convert light into energy, like plant photosynthesis.

– and many more! You can find the full programme here

The Weekend will include many protoyping events and workshops, such as the Open IoT Design Sprint with Mozilla Open IoT Studio & collaborators (Met Office Informatics Lab, Women Hack for Non Profits, BBC R&D, Grace Quintanilla/Centro de Cultura Digital, The Open University & MAKLab Limited, Future Cities Catapult, How To Build Up, Uniform and more) to make & share prototypes that serve local communities & celebrate the unique affordances of physical places; a Biosynth workshop to introduce basic electronics and biology interactions by Andreas Siagian from Indonesia’s Lifepatch; a Storm Laboratory with, as well as a hydroponic system workshop, an co-design performance workshop and many more.

There is lots for young people and families to enjoy, including, a Build Your Own Pavilion Young Architects Challenge by the Serpentine Galleries and Kidesign challenging budding young architects to design the pavilions of the future; Scan the World by MyMiniFactory, inviting families to help scan the V&A’s collections and see 3D printers in action; a Tanglebot workshop with unruly robots, wool, Lego and Raspberry PIs, as well as many family-friendly installations and other activities.

Posted 20th Aug 2016
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