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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Developing Solution for the IoT: Talks by Ubuntu, Evrythng and Electric Imp

We are very excited to have with us three exceptional companies who are building outstanding solutions to help other IoT businesses to thrive. The guests who will take the stage at our last event of the year will be:

– An open source software platform that runs everywhere from the smartphone, tablet and PC to the server and the cloud.

– A Cisco-backed IoT Smart Products Platform with offices in London, San Francisco and New York City.

– One of the most innovative and powerful Internet of Things platform that securely connects devices with advanced cloud computing resources.

Like usual this night will be fuelled with lots of drinks!

Hardware Pioneers is kindly sponsored by IntelUL and Kickstarter.

About the speakers

Speaker: Maarten Ectors, Vice President of IoT at Ubuntu / Canonical

Talk title: Monetizing IoT

About the speaker: Maarten is a constructive innovator that has been defining the cloud, big data and IoT strategy for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. He is responsible at Canonical for Internet of Things, the next-generation of networking and edge cloud solutions. Previously he was strategy director for cloud, big data and IoT.

About the company: Ubuntu is the open source operating system that runs everywhere from the smartphone, the tablet and the PC to the server and the cloud and is the top choice for developers creating the next generation of smart IoT solutions. Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Core 16 delivers foundation for secure IoT

Dominique Guinard, Co-Founder & CTO of Evrythng

Talk title: Building THNGHUB: A Local Cloud gateway putting an end to the 10 protocols 10 apps IoT

About the speaker: Before starting Evrythng Dom was a Web of Things pioneer at MIT and ETH Zurich where he worked on his Ph.D. He is also an IoT expert with more than a decade spent working on projects for Oracle, the Auto-ID Labs, Nokia and SAP. In 2016 his book “Building the Web of Things” was released by Manning, following his previous publication “Using the Web to Build the IoT”.  In 2011 and 2016, Dom was listed in the top 10 IoT thinkers by Postscapes and early in 2012, his Ph.D. on the Web of Things was granted the ETH Medal.

About the company: EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things software company based in London, San Francisco and New York City. The company manages digital identity data in an intelligent IoT “smart products” cloud to connect consumer products to the Web and drive real-time applications.

This Cisco-Backed Firm Wants To Bridge Internet-Of-Things Platforms – Forbes

Evrythng nabs $7.5M to connect everything to everything – Venture Beat

Hugo Fiennes, Co-founder & CEO of Electric Imp

Talk title: Why building connected products led me to start a platform company

About the speaker: Before founding Electric Imp in 2011, Hugo designed the hardware for the first Nest thermostat, managed the team that shipped the first 4 iPhones, and at his previous startup, built the first in-car MP3 player. He’s been into security since the 80’s when he ran one of the first Acorn bulletin board systems and he has lots of opinions.

About the company: Electric Imp, based in Los Altos, CA and Cambridge, UK, was founded to build the operating system for the IoT. The Electric Imp platform, a secure, maintained PaaS that spans from silicon to the cloud, keeps customer’s devices & data safe.

Hugo Fiennes at Web Summit 2014 – Video
This startup wants to be the Amazon of Wi-Fi access for the IoT – Fortune

Posted 27th Nov 2016
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