Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Building IoT London

Building IoT is aimed at IT practitioners responsible for the technical realization of IoT products and projects, regardless of their industry, and whether they are extending IT systems to encompass basic IoT concepts or developing entire new products and complex systems for the internet of things.

Software and hardware developers, system architects or project heads, everyone is facing similar problems: Which hardware modules are best suited for prototyping and production? Which components are able to communicate in a stable and secure manner? How do I have to change my software architecture, to keep up with the IoT? Which tools support me in the most efficient way and how do I have to adapt my workflow in this new context? How do I find errors in a complex system and how do I deal with them, even if the project is already rolled out?

Through a combination of conference presentations and selected workshops, Building IoT will provide answers to these and other questions as well as guidance on how to prepare IoT projects in a secure and rational way. Even neophytes will quickly realise that IoT is much more than tinkering with individual Arduinos or Raspberry Pis.

A focus on security

A consideration of the security implications quickly leads to the conclusion that IoT cannot simply be considered a playful adjunct to traditional IT. The Internet of Things is still young enough that many technologies can’t compete with traditional IT standards in terms of resilience. At the same time the risks are more comprehensive, since they no longer affect only the virtual world of the web, but also the physical world. Therefore, security is one of Building IoT’s focal points.

Presentations for beginners and experts

We will span the whole spectrum of IoT knowledge.  Relative newcomers will find sessions covering key technological building blocks and broad applications of the technology. Advanced attendees will be able to dive deep into key technologies, and the challenges presented by complex implementations.  Project reports from different industries will illustrate real world experience with IoT systems and help uncover the potential benefits and pitfalls.

Participants at Building IoT will receive a timely overview of the main concepts, methods and tools enterprises need to confront the challenge of IoT. After attending the conference you’ll be in a better position to judge which techniques are right for you and your team. You’ll also learn about profitable ways of realizing new product and business ideas.

Just as important, there will be ample room for networking and technical discussions with renowned experts and other conference participants.

Target audience

The conference will benefit software developers, software architects, project heads, and heads of IT departments who are contemplating or already involved in IoT projects.


  • Basics in hardware, electronics and information technology
  • Tools, programming languages, frameworks and libraries
  • IoT platforms
  • Architecture, modelling and protoyping for IoT projects
  • Security and safety
  • Project organisation
  • User interfaces, UX
  • Protocols and communication standards
  • IoT and big data

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Posted 12th Aug 2016
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