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Users spend more time on Google+ than 3 minutes, actually

Peter Bailey

Co-owner at Independents United, Peter is coder, designer and marketeer. @peabay
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In response to recent statistics +Thomas Morffew, annoyed by the seemingly incorrect data, decided to start his own poll to show the outsiders how active Google+ really is.

His post got an amazing amount of interest, achieving 250 shares and 240 comments in just a few hours! And what he found was that ComScore was as expected – wrong.

With more than 2000 votes the results show it’s pretty clear that most voters spend over 5 hours a day on the social network, followed by a more realistic one hour. Many users do spent less than 10 minutes on Google+, but if you’re judging the network by these (more accurate) statistics it’s pretty evident that it’s a thriving community.

View the results here.

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