Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Interview with Sammy, founder of Survival Leash

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Do you think handmade items offer a more personal feel to products?

Yes, absolutely – that is why we are advertising the fact. Far too much is automated these days and it loses that personal touch that you get from somebody’s skill and attention to detail. I think that supporting handmade items also supports smaller businesses and allows people to work for themselves in many creative ways.

How do you scale a handmade product?

It is quite difficult to scale a handmade product and you have to find teams of specialised people to help you with this. Fortunately we have the internet and there are a lot of sites you can post projects to and bring in applications for the work – the key thing then is to have an interview questionnaire in place to narrow down the applicants so that you can be more efficient with your interviewing time.

What is it about survival gear that you love?

It is better to be safe than sorry! I am sure we’ve all been in situations where we think

‘if only I had this or that with me’

and it can be quite disconcerting…On the other hand it feels great when you need a solution and you are carrying it with you. Most people who carry survival products probably wish that they never need to use them – but they have them just in case. Be prepared!


Would you consider connecting this to an app, why not?

I am not sure how this would be connected to an app – I wouldn’t dismiss the concept and we have been asked about fitting GPS trackers but they are just too expensive. If there is an app out there that we could use I would like to hear about it.

What kind of dogs is it designed for?

Dogs who are able to run and play and explore …… most dogs! The question should be: What kind of humans is this designed for?

Will you release any other related gear?

Yes! We are establishing our brand ‘Fur Heroes’ with this campaign and we have lots in the idea bank so watch this space. Along with the Survival Leash we have launched, there is also the Collar & Cuff (matching paracord collar and survival bracelet) and the survival leash attachment that turns any dog leash into a survival leash.

What is the most challenging aspect of shipping this product?

Getting the products absolutely right for the customers. We have two color options and various size options for each product so we have to make sure that people receive exactly what they ordered. Shipping around the world is expensive so we can’t afford to make mistakes.

Another point worth making is that you have to listen to people. For example we’ve had people asking for upgraded leash clips and carabiners, so we looked into it and realised they were spot on as clips are often the weakest part of a leash. We set the upgraded clips and carabiners as stretch goals, great for the product and it makes the people buying the items feel like they’re really involved in the development of the product, which of course they are!

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Posted 24th May 2016
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