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One Tablet Per Child

With the noble aim of providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop the “one laptop per child” project is making great strides in achieving said goals. Not to be left out in the ever increasing race to launch a tablet, the project launched a tablet device at CES known as “OLPC XO 3”, designed from the ground up for kids enabling them to create, learn and experiment.

This is seen as a natural evolution of the previous XO laptop over the past 5 years. The tablet will consist of an 8-inch display, Wi-Fi, a microphone, 8 – 10 hours of battery life, a rear facing and a front facing camera and a choice of Android or Linux (OS). The table will also utilise an ARM processor to achieve the lowest power consumption possible allowing the device to be powered by various power sources such as a hand crank or its solar power cover.

The tablet should be priced at around $100 although no official pricing was disclosed. However if you believe you can just pick one up from Amazon think again the device will not be sold to the general public. Instead it will be sold to governments and charities.