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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Interview with Roy Peer from 2VR

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Can you explain what 2VR is?

2VR is a unique virtual reality headset that features a thin mobile hands free design. 2VR is a response to many of the bulky VR headsets that limit VR use. 2VR anticipates the future need to have virtual reality at any moment. Just as we send each other photos and other medias, we will one day want VR to be as accessible, anywhere we are.

2VR uses your phone as the screen, you simply slide your phone into the phone grips, and place the unit on your face like a pair of glasses. Making this a phone driven system allows you to access the many apps on iOS and Android app stores. As long as you have your phone and 2VR, you have VR.

What led you to try and solve this particular problem?

Being very excited in the VR movement and its development I purchased a Google Cardboard, after two weeks the board tore apart. During those two weeks of virtual exploring I found myself wanting to share the content with friends and family, unfortunately taking a fragile cardboard box out was not plausible. Also, viewing the content hands free was cumbersome, you had to purchase and attach this extra strap; VR is way more immersive when you view it hands free.

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How many designs did it take to come up with the final product?

We went thru at least 50 iterations, some digitally others physically. The design may look perfect on screen, but once physically produced we found new design possibilities, The design is still being developed, we are looking at several other models along with different materials and details. 2VR addresses a larger audience which is why we have pushed it as our base model. We are working on a high fashion model that will be available at a higher price point, but it may be a couple months until we release that information.

Where do you see 2VR being most popular?

2VR will be most popular with those interested in fashion at first, especially people who do not want to ruin their hair and make up. I think most of the market is still trying to understand what consumers want, and if you don’t have a headset, you will probably buy a cheap alternative to test it out. Once the content improves so will the need for high quality and accessible headsets.

There’s no point in having great content, without great headsets. They need each other.


2VR - Kickstarter (12)

What are the difficulties of the Kickstarter campaign?

Kickstarter is an extremely useful tool. It allows you to get feedback, expose your vision, and ultimately connect with the public. Whether the campaign is successful or not, I have already become connected with many larger players in the VR world, and we are excited to start working together to bring on larger, more successful projects.

Is there a vision beyond the campaign for 2VR?

2VR is only the beginning. Stimuli, literally meaning a thing that rouses activity or energy in someone or something has always been embodied in my vision. We want to create great pieces that will improve peoples’ lives. We don’t know exactly where this bus is going, but we’ve got the right people on it, and were fueled up.

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Posted 10th Mar 2016
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