Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
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Interview with Jackson Chan from GYREO

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Could you explain what GYREO is?

GYREO is a multi-purpose motion triggered device with a clickable button. With its built-in 6-axis gyro sensor, BLE Bluetooth module and rechargeable battery, GYREO becomes an amazingly smart looking portable gadget. GYREO is designed for both casual users and developers. It comes with an app that works for both iOS and Android. With the app, users can change the functions of GYREO anytime, anywhere. It is also a platform for developer to build bespoke applications with their own ideas. Not only is the SDK open source, the source code for the GYREO app will also be available, so no matter what level of coding you are at, you can easily customise GYREO to suit you purpose.

“Do more of what you love” is our team’s vision in bringing to the community. It is also our dream to build a GYREO community, with a developer forum, where we can create a platform for developers to communicate, exchange ideas and develop new functions together, to make smart living more fun and accessible to everybody. And we understand that not all the developers have experience to create their own features, that’s why, we are here to provide assistant on development and would even consider integrating their homemade functions into our official GYREO app!

Gyreo with logo 2

How long have you been working on Gyreo?

We came up with the idea of GYREO in early 2015. From then, we spent months to consolidate ideas and expand on it’s possibilities. Soon, we began hardware layout, components selection and app function development. We proceeded to our first prototype in Nov 2015 followed by beta testing version in December 2015.

When did your team first meet?

Our team is made up of software and hardware engineers, app developers and industrial designers. We have worked together on-and-off for 6 years, who are passionate about gadgets that could bring value into peoples’ lives. Furthermore, we are all specialists in our own area and we thought, why not get together to realise fresh, innovative ideas into people’s hands. There came our first idea – GYREO, which has now become an important milestone for every single one of us.


What is the startup community like in Hong Kong?

The term “startup” is heard around every corner in Hong Kong. Many startups are now looking to launch their idea via the support of crowdfunding platform and angel funds. We can see a growing trend for startups to leverage on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Out of all the possible applications- where do you see it being most popular?

It is really hard to say which application will become most popular for GYREO, it really depends on the user base. The motion tracking function is great as well as the motion shutter function. I personally found the measuring function to be most revolutionary and the counter function will be very practical to replace traditional counter device as it automatically keep counts – wirelessly.

gyreo P

What plans do you have in place for Gyreo in the future?

As mentioned earlier, GYREO is designed for both casual users and developers. For the developer side, we would like to create a community for developers and we are also planning to introduce an easy-to-use developer software so that more people can start developing the function for themselves. On the user side, we are planning to introduce more functions and accessories for the GYREO! On parallel, we are talking to brand owners to integrate GYREO as an optional control for their device. We will for sure provide first hand information and update once we have more concrete information. Stay tuned!

Posted 03rd May 2016
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