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Founder interviews, pre-release product design, hand crafted inventions.
Get the digest of our best ones, straight in your inbox. Every month.

Things to keep an eye on in 2016

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2015 has been a year of wonders on the tech scene. With Back To The Future day upon us, hoverboards started emerging. Although, it seems most of them are still at the stabilisers stage. A maker and Star Wars fan hacked his Sphero to make a BB-8 robot, prompting the creation of a commercial version. And computers became so cheap that they were given away with magazines, thanks to Raspberry Pi. Here’s a reminder of some of the products and companies that really intrigued us last year, all of which you should hear from in 2016.


Fabulous Beasts

Fabulous Beasts is a new game, combining digital and physical, a beautifully designed mix between Jenga and Disney Infinity.

They are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign at the end of January.


We think the sultan in Aladdin might have been the first player of Fabulous Beasts!

Summon Virtual Worlds with Jenga Style Game Fabulous Beasts


Technology will save us

Technology will save us have just raised over £1 million to keep spreading the love of technology and make it accessible to all. They recently created the Umbrella-Discotheque with their DIY Speaker kit; prefect to brighten up rainy winter days.

Copy of IMG_5458 copy

No doubt we’ll see new kits and brilliant projects from them soon.

The DIY Gamer kit, a stocking filler for aspiring makers



Hackaball are slightly delayed due to a re-work of their circuitry but should be with you at the end of March.


Tooling and test manufacturing of the jacket, from their Kickstarter update.

Hackaball: Re-inventing the ball for a digital generation



pi-top have shipped their first version of a 3D-printed laptop last year, and have come back with a new version, the pi-topCEED.

pi-topCEED is the cheaper desktop version of pi-top, still powered by RaspberryPi. The inclination can be adjusted up to 180° or wall-mounted. Their Indiegogo campaign has been funded at 382%, and this new computer and learning platform is expected by backers in April.

Build your own laptop, powered by Raspberry Pi



You’ll have to keep calm and focused unaided until April if you’re a Doppel backer (May for pre-orders). The London-based team are doing everything they can to improve your mood in 2016!

This Wearable Has Been Proven to Double Focus



Recently funded, Tingbot will undergo optimisations throughout January and should be with its backers in May. If you are a backer, you can start writing apps and games for your Tingbot with Tide.

We’re curious to see if there will be a PiZero version of Tingbot in the future.

Give some love to your forsaken Raspberry Pi with Tingbot



Last, but not least, SensorWake have had a big redesign which delays them by 6 months. They didn’t want to let their backers down by sending them a product that wasn’t as good as their retail version, so they made the decision to ship in May (June, for pre-orders) instead of December.

Wake up with your senses

Posted 01st Jan 2016
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