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Portable Night Light

Peter Bailey

Co-owner at Independents United, Peter is coder, designer and marketeer. @peabay
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Lets face it, it’s not just kids who’re scared of the dark. These cool night lights are brilliant for any age and also have the added benefit of making your bedroom look like something from Lost in Space.

These balls of light aren’t just battery powered LEDs, but interestingly make use of Phosphorescence (that’s glow in the dark paint to you and me), which produces no heat and has no requirement of electronics. The stalks shine light on the balls and charge them for the times you want to rush to your parents room in the middle of the night. The ball’s glow will last for 30 minutes, a perfect amount of time to fall asleep.

If you so wished GLO could be used as as an every day lamp, and gives you a selection of colours to choose from, or the option of cycling through all of them.

boon is planning to sell GLO in Europe but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while yet, but we look forward to having a play with them! Until then though the monsters will have to roam free..

Source: boon

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