Automatically Tweet When You Poo

Twitter, practically invented for broadcasting of the most boring and mundane things in your life, and with a predicted 90% of all tweets being about utter crap what would be perfect is a Twitter client connected directly to your toilet!

That’s correct, The Internet has invented a toilet Twitter client that tweets whenever you flush.¬†Hacklab has put together a full instruction manual detailing what you need to do to create the electronics and programming for your turdalert. View it here.

Everyone is making things that connect to twitter. the arduino environment makes it easy to interface hardware to the internet. this, plus a strong disdain for twitter, was all that was necessary to turn a joke into reality:¬†a toilet that will post to twitter with every flush. hey, it’s more useful and relevant than just about everything else on twitter!

Source: Aculei

  • Levitra

    Cool site! How can I find your RSS feed?

    • Peter Bailey

      Link at the top right.