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Vodafone collaborates with Bompas and Parr to switch gunpowder with fruit on NYE

As if the London New Years Eve firework display couldn’t abuse any more of your senses Vodafone, who is hosting it this year, in collaboration with Bompas and Parr are doing something different.

Bompas and Parr, known for their extravagant culinary events and architectural jellies, are creating what they describe as a ‘multisensory firework display’ inviting your smelling noses and tasting tongues have things violently blasted at them.

Their promotional video follows them behind the scene showing us what they’ve been messing around with. While they don’t say specifically what they have in store it’s pretty safe to assume that things will be blown up, it’ll rain food, and the whole experience will be terrifying and delicious.

Follow their journey at Vodafone First.