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Is this the answer to teenage knife crime?

Kris Temmerman in Antwerp, Belgium is lucky enough to own a house with a shop window. Unfortunately his area is plagued by youths who loiter and probably cause trouble. Instead of simply telling them to piss off Kris thought it’d be fun to harness his powers as a Maker and build for them an interactive window computer game.

Apart from the music everything is custom made and uses a single Arduino where the entire game is stored. The C++ library Cinder was used to help program the graphics and audio of the game which depicts a world invaded by aliens.

Even the screen and console are custom made and with an expert level of quality, not because he needed to, just because he wanted a challenge.

The code is fully open source of course and available on Github. Head over to his project page to find out exactly how he made it.

pixelgameLedScreenDIYDetail players2 arduino_arcade

  • Gillian

    Wouldn’t it be trivially easy for youths to urinate on the controls while pretending to work them?