7 Inappropriate Hardware Hacks

1. Rainbow Dildo

“e5dy’” thought it was ok to 3D print a dildo equipped with mood lighting and vibrators. It’s not ok e5dy.

2. Asshole Doorbell

Hans Eichbaum makes no reference to the casing of his homemade smart doorbell which appears to be the buttock of a beloved pet.



3. Baby Limb Elastic Band Turret

Thom Hines’ feces covered baby turret was made for a school project. When a face is detected the baby head will turn to face it. After a few seconds the baby’s arm will follow suit and unload elastic bands at it.



4. Arduino Turkey

Collin Cunningham is spending Christmas alone this year so decided to express a little crazy. His Arduino Christmas turkey is equipped with an Arduino, potentiometer, accelerometer, compass and LCD screen. Nice one Collin.



5. Arduino EGG

This was a fun little project. Until I googled to find out what an EGG was. Yep. Sex toy. ‘Junki O’ has made a pet out of a latex masturbation sleeve.

6. Punishment Device

Because art, obviously. Svetlana Mikhailova wanted to explore what punishment really means in our modern society. It turns out it means a slap in the face, a bite from comedy dentures and a punch in the stomach. Of course..



7. Badger Theremin

This is a theremin made out of a badger.



  • e5dy

    ok, ok, I never thought it was ok, just so fucking funny

  • Peter Bailey

    Apparently so!

  • Me

    Th¡s ¡s the best th¡ng ¡’ve ever seen. ever.