ChickaDee – The Bird Shaped Fire Alarm

The faithful fire alarm, loud, annoying and incredibly ugly. But not anymore! ChickaDee is a modern bird-shaped fire alarm you won’t want to hit with a broom when you burn the bacon.

In 2006 the Dutch Association of Insurers held a competition for various design students to design a new fire alarm, and with this design that looks as if a fire alarm were melted down and remoulded into a bird Louise van der Veld was the winner!

Louise was inspired by the canaries that were used in mines to detect toxic gas. Likewise when ChickaDee gets the slightest whiff of gas it’ll sing a happy chick-a-dee-dee song. Anything more serious and the bird sounds the normal fire alarm sound to tell you to get the hell outa there!

Source: Charles and Marie and TrendHunter