Samsung Galaxy S3 Connects to Anything

Where some manufacturers are only just releasing maps and voice recognition for their mobile phone lines typical Android is skipping 5 miles ahead in terms of innovation. I consider this feature, developed by Samsung for the Galaxy S3, to be one of the biggest advances for mobile phones – peripheral connectivity.

The video is fairly long so incase you don’t have time to sit through it lets just run through what he manages to connect to the Galaxy S3 (a mobile phone!).

  • A normal USB stick
  • A USB drive
  • A USB hub connected to various storage devices, including a stick and a drive
  • A keyboard with inbuilt trackpad. Trackpad controlling an on-screen cursor
  • A USB speaker
  • A playstation controller connected via USB (natively supported)
  • An XBox controller (not natively supported but works just as well)
  • A HD TV, supporting screen rotation, camera and of course 1080p video playback
  • Not USB and not natively supported, but just for fun, a bluetooth Wii remote

Samsung have really worked hard at this and it shows. All the devices featured in the video work absolutely perfectly and there is no faff in getting it working.

  • gauche8715

    Anybody ever connected a camera (external USB webcam) to the phone?

  • Maddy

    What is the app u r using to connect xbox controller ??

  • samsung rules

    apple sauce, bitch. lol

  • Madhukanth

    Hi, I am trying to connect Pen drive to my Samsung galaxy s3 using samsung OTG cable but i am getting an error message telling that USB storage damaged try reformatting. Kindly help me out in resolving the issue. Thanks in advance.

  • 8man darwish

    i can’t connect to car tv or car bvd!! please ined help to connect

  • shashank

    I am finding my s3 unable to transfer files via wi-fi direct….i can receive files but can not send….though it show all the required steps but at last file not get transfer…any solution plz??

  • Dave Griffin

    I just got the cable and mouse works, keyboard works but it does not read the drives!!!!

  • Raaz

    i can not connect USB flash drive (pen drive) via OTG Cable. It always shows “USB storage blank or has unsupported file system” on my Samsung Galaxy S3. How to get rid of this problem? please help me. Thank You

    • turjo

      Is your problem solved raaz???

    • Amit Kumar

      You need to mount pendrive from settings>storage

  • Malc

    Agreed. Just loaded up my new S3 and copied contacts sms and images from a previous phone by peer 2 peer wifi and bluetooth. Intuitive and hassle free. DLNA also worked first time. Nice work Samsung.

  • Andreas

    How many game controllers can you use at the same time?

  • robby

    woa,this is amazing.Poor apple…theyre getting pulverized