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Google Drive is here!

Peter Bailey

Co-owner at Independents United, Peter is coder, designer and marketeer. @peabay
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Google finally launches Google Drive; it’s answer to Dropbox, box, and SugarSync, and it’s actually pretty good!

The idea of these services is incredibly simple. Your files are stored on the internet (or if you’re a salesperson – the cloud), which are then synced with a folder on your computer or mobile device. Updating these files on your computer will also automatically update the ones on the internet and visa versa. The great thing is that multiple computers or devices can be synced, effectively giving you access to your files from anywhere instantly.

Dropbox is the most popular, most simple, and integrates with the most third part applications. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best, and that’s been highlighted by the arrival of Google Drive. For example, you can imagine the confusion Dropbox would have while two people are working on the same document. I’ve heard a few cases where Dropbox would just delete files because of it. But Google Drive aims to solve this problem. Actually they already have with Google Docs, but now with Google Drive we can work on a document with our colleagues and also sync to our computers.

Together with Drive Apps – apps that run inside Google Chrome, you can almost move entirely into the cloud. Google Drive is even integrated into Google+, letting you share images directly from Drive!

It’s still early days and we need to actually test Google Drive, but the chances of it succeeding and being the dominant syncer are pretty high, seeing as they’ve already got established users using Google Docs.

Get Google Drive here!

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