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The Google Village

Ricky!/Ricky_PLC @Ricky_plc
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Seriously I am not trolling or trying to defame Google in fact I really like Google and all their magical services. What would I do without YouTube for example? Could you imaging a world without the awesome cat videos.

This leads me nicely to something I have just stumbled upon. I have found a video from 2009 on you guessed it YouTube that shows how to really leave Google. And with the new terms of service fully implemented a few people may want to opt out of the Googleverse. All you have to do is click a button on the Google homepage and then your whisked away in a van heading for the opt out village.  Google will even torch your house for you to make sure that your privacy is protected.

I know this is very old by today’s standards but I feel in this fast-pace tech world we need to look to the past and compare it with the present to gauge the future. I also think this video is very relevant in terms of the current landscape.

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